Class Participation—Because this course is a seminar, students are expected to contribute to class discussions daily to receive a passing grade. Grades will be based on whether a student participated and the substance of his/her comments.   

Classroom Discussion Facilitation—Each student along with a partner or partners will lead class discussion of a book or selection of chapters/ during the semester. Students can lecture, do role-playing, have students analyze primary documents, or stage a debate about the reading assignments.  At least one day must be reserved for a general discussion of the text.    

U.S. Citizenship History Project—Throughout the semester, students will be researching, writing, and presenting on the history of American citizenship. As part of this project, students will complete the following assignments:

Project Breakdown:

  • Reaction Papers—Each student will write a 2-to-3-page reaction paper focusing on the materials that we have read and discussed in class. Drafts will be peer reviewed in class, and final versions will be due the following Monday. See the Schedule for specific dates.   
  • Final Research Paper—Each student will write a ten-page paper due during finals week based on our workshops on Hawaiian birth certificates, mobility, and American citizenship for persons of Asian ancestry. Students will be expected to use secondary sources from class and elsewhere. Footnotes and a bibliography are also required (Chicago Manual of Style only).
  • Presentation—Each student will give a 10-minute formal presentation to the class on your research at the end of the semester. It is required that students include a multimedia component.